My husband claims I must have been born with a red pen in my hand.

Janet Schaaf

Hyperbole aside, I do have a keen eye for English grammar. If you have a project that could use some fine tuning, I’d be happy to help.

My main goal when editing is to be an advocate for the reader. If a reader can’t understand or connect with your idea, you won’t have a reader.

I’ve been writing since childhood, beginning with diaries I hope no one ever reads (note to self: those need to be destroyed). My writing life progressed beyond those diary entries to plays that were acted out by my dolls, voluminous letters to friends, and elementary class newspapers. In school, I was usually the designated writer in group projects. In my stay-at-home-mom years, I created a newsletter to send to customers of my scrapbooking business. The newsletter writing was my favorite part of the business – not so much the sales part. I also enjoyed teaching people how to write their stories through journaling alongside their photographs.

After a few twists and turns, I returned to college and earned a B.A. in English Literature. I worked as a copy editor, then news editor for the campus newspaper. The job, which required reporting as well as editing, pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me a wider view of campus life than I ever would have had without it. I attended on- and off-campus events; interviewed staff, faculty, and presenters; and got to know some great people as I reported news and events related to the college.

After graduating, I continued to work in an academic setting, where I worked in community education, public relations, and marketing. As a result, I have extensive experience in AP style and am well versed in SEO, content management, and social media marketing.

Having my own business has allowed me to hone my editing and writing skills while working for a variety of clients. I enjoy the gift of continuous learning this has given me. My eclectic accumulation of fintech and nursing education knowlege, as well as my insight into how to make a PowerPoint presentation hold an audience’s attention, makes me a good addition to any pub trivia team.

About that red pen: I rarely use one. The color red can be intimidating, a word that does not describe me at all. My style of editing is better suited to the color green, which I’d rather use when making edits. After all, green means go, and my goal for you and your writing is to go for it! I’m just here to make writing easier for a reader to understand and connect with.

Member, ACES: the society for copyeditingEditorial Freelancers Association